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September 3, 2003

What an amazing discovery to find Philipon's whole book on the internet, and your website for the Apostleship of the Cross Houston!!  Glory to God!

I entered a search to try to locate where to buy some of Conchita's books for a friend, and the Holy Spirit lead me to your website. I have a whole group of friends here the Dallas metroplex area who have been studying and love Conchita. We will spread the news about your 2 websites, and will have to read about the House of Studies. Some of us would be very interested in attending an English study-retreat on the spirituality of Conchita.

For now, I am requesting that you add a link to your website, linking to our website, "Suscipe Fiat", at, whose purpose is to bring to the church the 58 years life-work of Fr Paul Hinnebusch, O.P. (1917-2002), a holy Dominican preacher and prolific author, bible scholar, and well-loved spiritual director.

Please visit our fledgling site at: . See his curriculum  vitae under Bio.

Fr. Paul was devoted to Conchita, and read Archbishop Martinez's works also.

Conformed to the Cross, he prayed for the gift of Mystical Incarnation, and I believe shared in this gift in the last calvary phase of his life. He died a year ago Aug. as one victim priest with Jesus on the Cross and in the Eucharist. He left his work in my care to put on the internet. Our "Hinnebusch Suscipe Apostolate" is transcribing handwritten and taped homilies for the internet. These homilies lead on eto a deep spirituality very much in line with Conchita's spirituality, and would be a natural correspondence.

Will you add our link to your site?

Secondly, one of our goals is to put on the internet some of Fr Paul's 18 published books, (many out of print) and some of his 9 (plus) unpublished books. We do not have the technical capability to do that yet. I think the ideal would be to use an e-book scanner program, which we cannot afford. 

What did your group use to put Conchita's Diary online? How/who was it done?

Thank you, and God bless you in all your work for God's Kingdom.

Celine Powers

September 6, 2002

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus,

We thank God for having found your Web Site. It is awesome. I printed out your prayers and will try to follow it faithfully. I see our fearless Leader Rita Andrich has also emailed you. She is a great gift of God to us. God bless you. Just visited Jesus-Maria for the second time. I was sorry not to hear of Fr. Roberto giving you a retreat in August. I read your newsletter. I met Fr. Roberto two years ago at Jesus-Maria, right before his ordination. Did you make tapes of his talks and if so are they available. Please keep in touch. 

Yours in Jesus and Mary, 

Joyce Conley

August 27, 2002

Dear Family of the Cross in Houston,

The Website is a Great Blessing! Thank you for all your dedication to the Works of the Cross! I received a gift of a computer on the Feast of St. Pius X and am thrilled to be able to visit this site to learn more and more about our Beloved Family of the Cross. I have been helping Abbot Clement Zeleznik, O.S.B. with the distribution of To My Priests since 12-8-96. Abbot's email: 

Ven. Conchita's witness encouraged me so very much when my dear husband, Joe, died of cancer at age 52. We have six children. I read the Diary of a Spiritual Mother and was so uplifted by her example. The Spirituality of the Cross has helped me offer everything in union with Jesus on the Cross for priests and vocations. Our prayer group of mainly widows meet each Thursday in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

How fantastic that we will be able to view this website and receive such a wonderful wealth of information!!!! The Holy Spirit is working in such a powerful way in these critical times in our Church. He is bringing all of us together to pray for the renewal. I was reading this from page 13 from the book, You Belong to the Church, when I got the call that my friend was giving me a computer: Conchita's prophetic mission is to remind the modern and materialistic world, avid for liberty, that it will be saved by the new Pentecost and the Gospel of the Cross. But this new Pentecost should start with the priests and with them all the people of God: "Ask for this renewal, this new Pentecost, for my Church has need of priests sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Priests who bear the light to shine on the paths of good; pure priests to pull out of the mud so many hearts; priests afire who will fill the entire universe with divine love. The world needs this intimate shake up in the Church to enable her to flourish more completely in souls and in societies. May the Holy Spirit reign through the Cross and through Mary." Message of Our Lord to Ven. Conchita. Father Rainero Cantalamessa also quotes on the whole back cover of You Belong to the Church about the New Pentecost. Perhaps you could include his quote from Our Lord to Conchita on your website. 

Sorry this is a bit long but I am just so excited about your website. I will refer many people to it. I love all the info on Ven. Fr. Felix who is also such a powerful example. I could not get the English version re. the Causes for Canonization.
United in love of Christ Crucified,

Rita Andrich
North Olmsted, OH

July 16, 2002

It is is a beautiful surprise to have the book on our Mother this way. May she continue to bless each of you and make fruitful your apostolate.
In communion of prayers.

Fr. Eugenio Cárdenas, M.Sp.S.
Oxnard, CA

June 6, 2001

Hello ApCHouston,

Thank you for your web page. I'm considering joining the (Apostleship of the) Cross in Puerto Rico. Your site clarified a few questions I had plus I used some of your pages to send them by email to two of my friends to get them to consider joining.

Please keep up the good work.

Rafael R. Pérez
San Lorenzo
Puerto Rico

May 15, 2001

I just bought a book about Conchita, and I found your website. Thank you for your nice website and for letting people know about Conchita.
Is there a book of just her diary?

Cecilia Brainard

April 16, 2001


Ana sent me the address for the new web page. Monday morning I made myself a cup of coffee, and sat down at my computer feeling somewhat guilty because I hadn't done my morning prayer yet. I explored the new web site and its links for about an hour. I was enthralled with the wealth of information that is available and made some mental notes about some of the links I want to get back to when I have more time. Most important though, was that I no longer felt guilty about not taking time this morning to be with God because he was present in every page. I was now ready to settle down and have my own personal meeting with Him and to thank him for this wonderful gift. Kudos for all your hard work.

God Bless,

Kathy Schwahl
Christ The Good Shepherd Church
Houston, TX

April 16, 2001


The page is very good! Thanks a lot for your efforts and for your love for the Works of the Cross. My experience with you during the retreat is one of my most beautiful graces received through the Apostleship of the Cross.
Let us remain in communion of prayers.


Fr. Eugenio Cárdenas, M.Sp.S.
Oxnard, CA

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