Litany for Priests





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tany for priests

For our Holy Father, Pope N.
Lord, give him Your Heart of the Good Shepherd.

For the successors of the Apostles
Lord, give them
fatherly concern for their

For Your Bishops
chosen by the Holy Spirit.
Lord, keep them close to
Your sheep.

Your Pastors.
Lord, teach them to serve rather than to
seek to be served.

For confessors and spiritual directors
Lord, make them docile instruments of
Your Spirit.

For those who announce
Your Word.
Lord, let them communicate
Your Spirit and

For those who help the lay apostolate
Lord, encourage them to give witness.

For those who work with the youth
may they commit the youth to You.

For those who work among the poor
Lord, make them see and serve You in

For those who care for the sick
May they teach
them the value of suffering,

For poor priests
Help them, Lord

For sick priests
Heal them, Lord

For elderly priests
Give them joyful hope, Lord.

For the sad and afflicted
Console them, Lord.

For anxious and troubled priests
Give them
Your peace, Lord.

For the ridiculed and persecuted
Defend their cause, Lord.

For lukewarm priests
Inflame them, Lord.

For the discouraged
Give them courage, Lord.

For those who aspire to the priesthood
Give them perseverance, Lord.

To all priests
Give them fidelity to You and to Your
Church, Lord.

To all priests
Give them obedience and love for the Holy
Father, Lord.

To all priests
Let them live in communion with their
Bishop, Lord.

That all priests.
Be one as You and the Father are One,

That all priests
May promote justice with which You are
just, Lord.

That all priests.
Collaborate in the unity of the Presbyterate,

That all priests
, filled with Your presence.
joyfully in celibacy, Lord.

To all priests
Grant them the fullness of Your Spirit and
 transform them into Yourself, Lord.

In a special way, I pray for those priests through whom I have received Your graces. I pray for the priest who baptized me and
for those who have absolved me of my sins, reconciling me with You and with Your Church.

I pray for those priests in whose Masses I have participated and who have given me
Your Body as nourishment. I pray for those priests who have shared Your Word with me, and for those who have helped me and let me to You.  Amen.

Brief Form:
  For all priests: Transform them into You, Lord. May the Holy Spirit possess them, and through them renew the face of the earth.  Amen.

Prayer:  Divine Heart of Jesus, Heart full of zeal for the Glory of Your Father, we pray for all Your priests. By Your Holy Spirit, fill them with faith, zeal and love.  Amen.


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