Consecration to the Father





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Consecration to the Father

O my beloved Father who are in heaven! I offer You in union with the Heart of my Jesus and with the sorrowful heart of my beloved Mother, all the moments of my life, so You may dispose of me as You did with the Incarnate Word, in favor of all sinners to save them.

I offer myself as a victim for all priests, whom you so love, that they may become what you want of them, resembling and transforming themselves into your Jesus by the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit.

O my Mother, by your blessed hands, by your sorrows and by your tears, by your most pure heart, with the thorns and lance like that of your Jesus, I offer myself to the Divine Father as my gift and sacrifice from now until my last breath.

(Venerable Félix de Jesús Rougier, M.Sp.S.)




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