A Mother's Spiritual Diary

Trinity and Christian Mystery

The mystery of the Trinity is the most fundamental mystery of Christianity, the soul of the Gospel, the substance of the New Testament. It is the primordial Mystery, at the root and at the summit of all Christian mysteries.

Conchita contemplates in the light of the Trinity all the mysteries of faith in their marvelous connection and their admirable harmony. The Trinity is the mystery of a God who is Love.

The Mystery of God

God Love is by essence a gift, a communication "in Himself." It is the mystery of the innermost life of God who is Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

"God could not be alone, although He is Unique. He could not maintain Himself in one only Divine Person, because He is God, that is infinite and not limited. On account of His infinite might in the order of charity, He had to communicate Himself with all His perfections, and this love, being such, so intense and infinite, could not be reserved, I might say, to one also wholly divine and infinite Person, in the Father Himself, but He had to produce the Word, and as if this might of love redoubled itself in the two Divine Persons, Love had to personify itself in the Holy Spirit, producing then this Being of Charity, this Fire from the same fire burning between the Father and the Son, forming the bond of union which rejoices Them, delights Them and which unifies Them and reflects in all fullness Their perfections.

"The Three divine Persons communicate Their attributes and perfections which are Themselves, forming this Unity which is God, and with this word 'God,' all is said" (Diary, April 22, 1913).

Creation - Union

God Love is a gift, a gratuitous communication "outside Himself." It is the mystery of creation and of the participation in His divine life by creatures.

From this fertile and infinite might of God which reflects and unites among Them the Divine Persons in these eternal emanations of Eternal Charity, there is also derived His love for man and the gift of His Word to save them.

"As it was not enough for God to empty Himself, I might say, from within Himself, as if He did not want to be happy without man, He made him in His image, as His likeness. This bearer of the divine image attracted Him strongly from eternity. In fact, creation, redemption, all was present for Him in His intelligence. His very Being of so fecund charity impelled Him to seek the way to diffuse more and more His Love, to be loved! That is why He created heaven and earth and millions of angels, and ever diffuses and gives Himself without sparing Himself.

"I said He diffuses His love to be loved. This is a property of love, to make love, to attract the one in whom this love springs up" (Diary, April 24, 1913).

Redemptive Incarnation

God Love makes a new creation of the universe, destroyed by sin, by sending His Son. This is the mystery of the Incarnate Word and Redeemer "conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of Mary."

"And the Word was made flesh." Why? It was done to unify with God, culpable mankind, cleansing souls with His merits and His Blood. This was the purpose of the Incarnation of the Word, the object of the Redemption and of an entire life of example and of humiliation, to unite the earth with heaven.

"The law of love was the constant theme of My preaching. Every action of My life and even My death on the Cross, ended in the unification of souls in God.

"In the course of My pilgrimage on earth I always accounted for My miracles and teachings to the Father and to the Holy Spirit in whom I lived united. I carried out none of My actions independently of Them, and the entire Old and New Testament tended to render all souls one in charity and in unification with God" (Diary, April 26, 1913).

"Do you understand anything about God's love for man, about the divine Word's folly of love, becoming incarnate in Mary for receiving your blood, for becoming like you, for cleansing your sins, for being Mediator and for bringing you to heaven?

"Do you understand more and more the sublimity of this love which shines in creation, consumes itself with all the magnificence of a God in the Redemption, in the Eucharist and in union with each soul through the Holy Spirit?

"Do you understand anything about the grandeur of the sacrifice of the Cross and the infinite ardor of My Heart when I show it in these last times nailed on this same Cross?

"Do you see now the value of souls and what each of them costs Me, and the magnet which attracted from heaven to earth a God to become man, solely because they bear in them the image of the Trinity?

"Do you see a God satisfying for the offense committed against this same God, taking on a human body to be able to suffer and expiate the crime of sin and thus be able to cancel the decree of condemnation, with Blood on the Cross?

"Do you now clearly see God's plan, in which His infinite love ever triumphs, and this whole succession of benefits brought about for the profit of an ungrateful world, only to attract it to unity?" (Diary, May 4, 1913).

"The Redemption was the mystery of the purest love, of the most tender condescension and the most lovable. An eternal explosion of love in the vehement desire of the Son and the concurrence of the Father and the Holy Spirit intervening in the beginning, during, and at the supreme conclusion" (Diary, Aug. 1, 1934).

"The Word offered Himself immaculate to the Father because His charity wanted to expiate the sins of a flesh which He desired to purify and save to recompense it eternally.

"Do you not contemplate man's elevation through the contact of God's Word with human flesh, an incomparable and incomprehensible abasement, even in the purity of the immaculate womb of woman?

"He became flesh in order that the flesh be divinized by Him, be elevated with Him, be purified in Him. He set therein His dwelling, He annihilated Himself to be man in order that man become, in a certain sense, God, consuming himself in His Unity (Diary, June 24, 1928).

Mary in the Trinity's Design of Love

"Mary was the creature indispensable to the Trinity for carrying its designs. In this Immaculate Virgin It hid the secrets and the mysteries which carried out its design to save lost mankind.

"She corresponded to it from the first moment of Her being, increasing ever in grace, possessed by the Trinity. The lncarnation accomplished, She was Virgin Mother through the mediation of the Holy Spirit, with most pure fecundation of the Father, and She fulfilled Her role of mother with a perfection higher than that of all mothers, identifying Herself with Her divine Son. Mary never had a single thought, a single desire which was not directed to fulfilling the Father's will in Me. Even in a mother's natural acts toward her child, Mary was supernatural and perfect since She knew quite well that Her Son was God.

"At the foot of the Cross, She saw My Church born and accepted in John, all priests, in Her heart, in My place, and all - all mankind as its Mother.

"Then, through her martyrdom of solitude, She acquired in union with My merits all graces for these new children who must be born of My Mother.

"Why? Because She was Co-redemptrix, the first to continue My Passion on earth, she who founded the Church with My Apostles, the Protector and Mother of priests, the Queen of all saints.

"Mary knows most, Mary experienced most contemplation of the Most Holy Trinity thanks to the affinity which links Her to the Three divine Persons. She rejoiced, She finds Her delight in this unity of essence and simplicity of substance, since to Her, more than to any other creature, came luminous and profound divine clarities, which penetrated and encompassed Her. No one entered the sanctuary of the Divinity as did She and no one contemplated the divine ideal of the Trinity in Its Church and in Its priests as she did.

"Mary, Daughter and Spouse of the Trinity, is directly in charge of harmonizing this Church, unifying priests and perfecting them in the Unity of the Trinity" (Diary, April 7, 1928).

The Church of Love

God Love sends His sanctifying Spirit to be the Soul of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ; "the people brought together in virtue of the unity of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

"The Holy Spirit is My promise, the Father's response on behalf of My Church and of all mankind, the condescension of the Father, that is, of Love giving Love itself.

"The Holy Spirit is for man the fruit of My prayer, of My ardent request, that is, the ineffable cry of love from My Heart of God-Man, My greatest tenderness on behalf of the world.

"Without the Holy Spirit the Church would not be able to exist. But as She was eternally conceived and brought into being in the Mind of the Trinity, eternally, too, the Holy Spirit was designated by the Father to govern Her.

"What would become of the Church without the Holy Spirit? She would not exist. But God's infinite love for man, this vivifying and transforming Spirit, hovers over the world of souls.

"My Father engendered in His bosom the beloved Church. The Holy Spirit established and strengthened the Church on earth upon redemptive foundations, taking in Me, what was His. The Church consequently is love, her laws and all her teachings are love, pure love.

"The Holy Spirit did not come for only a day, nor for a fixed time, not even for centuries upon centuries, but to remain eternally in the Church" (Diary, Aug. 29, 1928).