A Mother's Spiritual Diary

The Virgin of the Cross

With all the saints, closeness to Mary takes on the character and form of their personal grace. Therese of Lisieux will say of Mary: "She is more a Mother than a Queen." Bernadette will venerate in her the Immaculate. Conchita will contemplate Mary, according to her characteristic viewpoint, in the mystery of her inmost association to the Cross of her Son for the glory of the Father for the salvation of the world. For Conchita, the Virgin Mary is above all the "Virgin of the Cross."

From the beginning of her Diary there is perceived this inclination of grace: "Preaching on the sorrows of the Most Holy Virgin has impressed me very much… The Passion of Jesus was also Mary's passion. She alone was the one who understood this cry of Jesus in His abandonment. The measure of sorrow is that of love, the measure of love is that of grace, and Mary was full of grace, of love and of sorrow. Yesterday evening I was smitten with love for the Virgin of Sorrows" (Diary, March 17, 1894).

The central grace in Conchita's life, the mystical incarnation, revealed to her the most intimate feelings of the Mother of God: totally consecrated to the persons and work of Her Son, devoted to the Mystery of the Redemption with Him and under Him, cooperating for the salvation of men in faith and with full obedience.

The Virgin of the Incarnation is the Mother of Jesus-Priest who, on coming into the world, said: "Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a body you have prepared for me… I have come to do your will, O God!" (Heb 10:5-7). Mary's personal mission in the mystery of salvation is inseparable from that of her divine maternity as is also the redemptive role of Christ from His Incarnation.

"Mary was chosen among all women in order that in her virginal womb would be brought about the Incarnation of the Divine Word and from that moment, She, wholly pure, the Virgin-Mother, She who accepted everything with love and in the fullest submission to My Father, She did not cease to offer Me to Him as a victim; Me who came down from heaven to save the world, by sacrificing Her Motherly Heart to the divine will of this well-loved Father.

"She nourished Me to be a Victim attaining the supreme immolation of her soul when She delivered Me up to be crucified. It was one and the same sacrifice, Mine on the cross and the one which took place in her heart…

"Mary ever offered me up to the Father, she ever carried out the role of the priest. She ever immolated her innocent and pure heart in union with Me to bring graces down on the Church" (Diary, April 6, 1928).