A Mother's Spiritual Diary

The Gospel of the Cross

Every creative current of Christian spirituality has sprung from the Gospel. Thus there appeared, in the course of history of the Church, monastic spirituality, that of the Mendicant Orders and all modern forms of spirituality of action. For instance, Dominican spirituality is an expression, at once evangelical and original, aimed at continuing the mission entrusted by Jesus to His Apostles, "Go and teach all nations." All the values of the spirituality and organization of the Order of Preachers are intended for the evangelization of the world, according to the text of the first Constitutions drawn up by the Founder himself: "That the Brothers conduct themselves everywhere as men who seek their own salvation and that of their neighbor, in full perfection and in a religious spirit. As men of the Gospel, they follow the steps of their Savior, speaking only with God or about God" (Fundamental Constitution). The same is true of all religious families and of the greatest spiritual masters, the all-embracing asceticism of a St. John of the Cross, "Nothing, nothing, nothing, and on the mountain, nothing," is an eminent form of evangelical renunciation wholly dominated by the primacy of love. The "Ascent of Carmel" and the "Nights" take on meaning only in the light of the "Spiritual Canticle" and above all of the "Living" Flame of Love" which brings about, that throughout his whole work there breathes the Holy Spirit.

Likewise, Conchita's spiritual doctrine, the inspiration of the Works of the Cross, is entirely centered on love:
Amor y dolor. Nothing the least bit dolorous is in the message of the Cross. It has the mission to recall to the world, a genuine mystique of love immolating itself to the image of the Crucified for the glory of the Father in the salvation of men. It is not a particular devotion but truly a "vision of the universe," a new expression of the Gospel of the Cross.