A Mother's Spiritual Diary

Testament of a Mother

Conchita was frequently ill. Feeling herself more than usually in danger, she wrote an admirable letter to her children, the testament of a mother and a saint.

"If I die, if God now calls me, I exhort you, my children, to remain valiant Christians and full of faith, practicing with inviolable fidelity, the teachings of the Church, proud of being her members.

"Endeavor to carry out her precepts. Be generous toward Jesus who loves you so much, to whom you owe so much and who wants to save you. I implore you to pass on your faith to your children by your teaching and example, not shunning any sacrifice to assure them a Christian education, taking special care to form their souls and instruct them in their religion.

"Above all I exhort you to be united…union, union!" (Letter, June 28, 1928).