A Mother's Spiritual Diary

The Four Surviving Children

Three sons and one daughter, born of Conchita, are still living: Pancho, Ignacio, Salvador and Lupe.

Pancho is a handsome old man, straight as a die, flying by plane in the interests of the typewriter company he founded and still directs. He is a businessman, but above all a man of honor and a fine Christian. His brothers and sisters, who owe him a great deal, love him as "a second father." When his papa died, he was seventeen and courageously went to work to help his mother raise her seven other orphans. He went through many hours of difficulty, not hesitating to make long business trips in Europe and North and South America: United States, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru. Conchita had utmost confidence in him and relied very much on him for the education of her other children.

Ignacio, after having raised a very fine Christian family, with his wife Chabela, dearly loved by Conchita, ended his life surrounded by the affection of his dear ones, in the house where his mother died, at San Angel. He prayed in memory of his mother who loved him so much and who said of him: "Of all my children, he is the one who was most like his father."

Salvador was the latest born boy. His mother watched over him with greatest tenderness, imploring God to have him find a wife who would make him happy. "Give a livelihood to my dear son Salvador" (Diary, May 31, 1924). After his marriage, Conchita wrote in her Diary: "All is over for me... But a mother always rejoices in the happiness of her children" (Diary, Sept. 24, 1929).

Lupe was a very proper and charming daughter. Salvador and she were the two enfants terribles of the family, each having a big heart.

Conchita loved all her children and followed each one in his or her own life. I have never found on their lips the slightest reproach directed against their mother. She herself gave them the most beautiful testimonial when she said: "I am not worthy of the children God has given me."