A Mother's Spiritual Diary

"They Assure me that My Spirit is of God"

Despite the personal discreetness of the Servant of God in the funding of the Works of the Cross, this exceptional case of Conchita, involving many confidential matters, enthusiastically received or strongly opposed, could not fail to pose certain questions. 'The archbishop of Mexico was consulted, he ordered there be an examination into her life and writings. Conchita showed herself ever docile to the teachings and directives of the Church. "I believe in Her, in her divinity, in her indefectibility. I will shed my blood to defend the purity of her doctrine and of her dogmas." (Diary, March 31, 1900).

In October 1900, Conchita was examined by theologians and men of great qualification.

"October 1, 1900. Today, after a rigorous examination and after I prayed, the Very Reverend Mele, Visitor of the Congregation of the Heart of Mary, assured me that my spirit was of God and that he was ready to testify thereto."

The next day, October second, she simply says: "Today, Father del Moral, Visitor and Provincial of the Paulists, has confirmed that my spirit is of God."