A Mother's Spiritual Diary

  Letter of His Eminence Cardinal Miranda,
Archbishop Primate of Mexico

We have known the Servant of God, Concepción Cabrera de Armida. We have met her in Rome and in Coyoacan.  We have read her works. We have heard much about her virtues.  She was a most beautiful soul, most simple, charming in the eyes of God and men.

It was here in this country the Servant of God lived. Here she prayed, loved, suffered and furthermore, founded, through her union with Christ, works in Mexico which are flourishing marvelously.

A mass of documents has passed through our hands. This concludes the phase of the diocesan process for the cause of the beatification and canonization of the Servant of God.

These priceless documents, in addition to her admirable writings, contain the testimonies of countless persons who lived close to her and who knew of her exemplary life, a life sanctified by the virtues proper to her state of life, as well as by her responsiveness to the calls of the Holy Spirit, the submissiveness of a pure and generous soul.

These documents of such great worth are even now in the hands of the Holy See. The supreme decision on the heroicity of her virtues which will lead to her glorious achievement – if it is for God's glory – the process of beatification and canonization, will be left to the judgment of the Vicar of Christ.

Now it is up to us to pray that, if God wills, we may behold her one day, on the altars, interceding for us.

When we contemplate the starry skies we rejoice to see appear on the horizon one after the other, the most distant stars. Our pastoral duty impels us to invite all of our diocese to fix their gaze on the horizon and to behold a new star which is beginning to rise, its orbit traced providentially by Him who has adorned our heavens with so many and so precious stars. This new star is the Servant of God who is beginning to shine in our sky with the wondrous and supernatural charms of grace. Let us follow that star attentively in its ascent and let us look at it with wide-open eyes so that our souls may be flooded by the light of its example: that light is called to shed its rays on the pathways of Christian life.

It is well to consider especially the life of this privileged soul from the domestic angle where, we saw her, with great admiration, in her home, with simplicity and fidelity, sanctifying her­self by carrying out her mission as wife and mother. Following her step by step in her domestic life, we praise the Providence which has reserved for our times and especially for our country, the illumining of minds for discerning the incomparable treasures of wisdom, of strength of soul, of love which Christian family life holds.

On projecting the example of her life over our country, it is a joy and a consolation to think of the immense good it will bring about in all the families of Mexico.

Let us pray that God glorify His Servant.

Miguel Darío, Cardinal Miranda, Archbishop Primate of Mexico