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What is the Chain of Love?

It is a way of how to live the baptismal priesthood.  The Blesssed Concepción Cabrera, inspired by Christ, called this practice the "Chain of Love"

The Chain of Love is also the exercise of the spiritual priesthood by which "all their works, prayers and apostolic undertakings, family and married life, daily work, relaxation of mind and body, if they are accomplished in the Spirit--indeed even the hardships of life if patiently borne--all these become spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ" (L.G. No. 34; cf. I P 2,5).

Our Statutes and Regulations says:

13.1 We live the «Chain of Love» in faithfulness to God and our brothers and sisters, making a continuous offering of our lives. We study its basis and encourage its practice through virtues.

Offering of the Incarnate Word

Heavenly Father, through the hands of Mary, we offer You, Jesus the Incarnate Word, the Victim in whom You are well pleased. Moved by the love of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, we offer ourselves completely with Him as living hosts.

May we be a living sacrifice out of love for You, in all the events of our lives, obtaining graces for the world, the Church and especially Your priests.

Jesus, savior of all people, save them!

As a consequence of our loving attention to God, we will each day, with the frequency that is possible for us, make the Offering of the Incarnate Word.

Let us live the notable grace of the Church's baptismal priesthood or of the Chain of Love.

Jesus is asking us for it: "I wish for a mighty stimulus to be given to this expiatory act, joining victims to the Great Victim... and that in unity, everybody would offer me and offer themselves in my union" (C.C. 49,18).

Fourteen rules of the Chain of Love Practice

1.  Humility and sacrifice

1.  I want the souls that make up the Chain of golden links, which I have asked you for, to be far advanced in virtues, above all in humility and sacrifice.
2.  Pure of body and soul 2.  They must be pure of body and soul.
3.  Prayer 3.  They must be prayerful souls.
4.  Spiritual Modesty 4.  They must be souls with a tendency to keep to themselves with the perfect spiritual modesty.
5.  Virtue: Poverty 5. They must have a vow of poverty or at least a great affection for this virtue experiencing, by love, its effects.
6.  Virtue: Hidenness 6.  They must forget about themselves and have Me as the sole object of all their aspirations.
7.  Empty of all earthly affections 7.  They must have their heart empty of all earthly affections so that I may fill it in its entirely.
8. Great love to Mary 8.  They must have a great love to my Mother, imitating her in her perfect obedicence towards God and men.
9. Purity of intention 9.  They must have a supernatural life with the purity of intention, my presence being familiar to them. 
10. Tend towards all that is right and holy 10. Those souls must tend towards all that is right and holy.
11. Tempered for sorrow and loving the Cross in all its ways 11. They must be souls tempered for sorrow and loving the Cross in all its ways. them. 
12. Love God without self-interest 12. They must love Me without self-interest, just for Who I am, with generosity, without interruption and abandoned to my will. 
13. Be faithful 13. They must be always promt to be faithful and to correspond, just as I want the exercise of this virtue. 
14. Live only for God 14.  And lastly, they must live in Me, dead to everything that is not Me or that leads to Me.

"I, from the moment of My Incarnation in Mary's most pure womb, acquired graces. I want you, transformed into Me, living out of My own life, not to do from now on anything else.

Offer yourself in my union and offer me at each instant to the Eternal Father with the so noble goal of saving souls and giving him glory".

"Listen, you are going to make a Chain.  Each hour of your life will be one of its golden links, offering it for this intention; I want you to stop only on your death.
(Conchita's Diary, June 21, 1906).